Lion Advantages

Lion is a translation brand serving the Internet launched by Wuhan Transn Information Technology Co., Ltd. in 2008. After five years of efforts, Lion has become the first network brand carrying out multilingual information processing. Meanwhile, Lion shares all the cutting-edge quality with Transn. In terms of technology, Lion has access to IOL, TPM, over 30 translation process control software and manuscript processing tools. In terms of service ability, Lion boasts its huge delivery capability supported by Transn with daily processing capability of over 10 million Chinese characters. In terms of qualifications, Lion shares over 30 patents and over 20 software copyrights with Transn and entitled as “Modern Service Industry Innovative Development Demonstration Enterprise” issued by MOST as a national high-tech enterprise and first language service enterprise passing ISO9001 certification.

Lion has established Asia’s largest language service delivery processing center in Wuhan, with affiliated agencies in Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai, Jinan, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Urumqi, etc. It has more than 500 full-time staff and more than 30,000 part-time translators all over the world, forming a large scale production system with daily processing capability of over 10 million Chinese characters. In accordance with the service philosophy of “professionalism, integrity, timeliness and appreciation”, Lion has provided first-class services for Beijing Olympic Games 2008, Shanghai World Expo 2010, Asian Games Guangzhou, Universiade Shenzhen as well as many national key engineering projects abroad, forming a unique competitive advantage in over 50 professional fields including oil, petrochemical, machinery, automobile, law, communication, publishing, exhibition, energy, power, and education and over 30 languages, including English, Japanese, French, German,, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

According to the survey results released by Common Sense Advisory, Transn ranked No. 37 globally and No. 7 in Asia among language service providers in 2011. It is the only translation company among the global top 40 in China.

With the powerful Transn as its support, Lion first proposed in China: If a client pre-pays the service in a lump sum, then in case of late delivery and disqualification he can enjoy the language service for free. He can also enjoy compensations in case of overcharge as well as a life-time warranty.

As a national high-tech enterprise, Lion, the creator of the “IOL” dream, walks the way of “IOL”. It is the first in Asia and the second in world language service enterprise launching the cloud translation service platform.

Honors and Responsibility

1. In December 2005, it successfully developed China’s first internet-based collaborative translation and process management software series platform

2. In March 2007, “Transn Collaborative Translation and Management Platform” was successfully approved by academic institutions of CAS, Peking University and Beijing Foreign Studies University

3. On December 1, 2008, Transn launched its language services oriented at SMEs; Transn established a rapid response production line in allusion to the characteristics of SME clients

4. In August 2009, “Transn translation training platform” targeting colleges and universities was approved by CAS

5. In February 2011, “Hubei Multilingual Engineering Technology Center” was formally established, forming the only domestically provincial scientific research institution focusing on language and information technology research.

6. In August 2011, “Cloud Translation Service Platform” was among the first batch of “Cloud Computing Solutions” highly recommended by MIIT

7. In August 2011, Transn was invited to participate in the 19th FIT World Congress held in San Francisco, made an important speech themed “Cooperation between LSPs and Universities”, sharing its experience in school-enterprise cooperation. The speech aroused enthusiastic responses and was regarded highly of among experts and counterparts present at the meeting

8. In January 2012, national science and technology support project – “collaborative cloud translation service platform” was formally launched

9. In April 2012, national modern service industry demonstration project – “IOL” officially started

10. In August 2012, Lion became the institution with the most patents and intellectual property rights among China’s translation and language service companies

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