About Lion

Lion Translation is a subsidiary brand of Wuhan Transn Information Technology Co., Ltd., a multilingual partner of official website of the Chinese Olympic Committee, Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development and CCPIT, the recommended language service provider of the World Expo 2010 and 16th Asian Games Guangzhou 2010, with its service network covering 34 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government throughout the country. Lion Translation is the first translation company in China to provide after-sale services, taking the lead in making use of a standardized way of quotation, providing clients with the highest cost-effective quotation and services. Lion Translation is the only translation company in China to put forward the translation service commitment of “late delivery, free of charge” and “quality dissatisfaction, free of charge”.

Lion Translation has committed itself to becoming enterprises’virtual language department, reducing language conversion costs for enterprises, shortening project times and creating greater value. IT-driven translation service innovated by Lion Translation can reduce low-level mistakes, realizing collaborative translation and uniform terms with an actual daily capacity of 10 million Chinese characters. In accordance with the service philosophy of “professionalism, integrity, timeliness and appreciation”, Lion Translation provides first-class services with the best quality products for thousands of domestic and foreign clients. Its service scope covers over 50 professional fields including oil, petrochemical, machinery, automobiles, law, communication, publishing, exhibition, energy, power and others.

Interpreter and translator standards:

Lion’s interpreter and translator data bank has over 30,000 translators, over 3,000 industry translators and experts. The client can enjoy our alternative translator service free of charge in case of emergencies.

According to the client’s actual situation, Lion will screen alternative translator(s)/interpreter(s) from the translator/interpreter data bank to meet the needs of the industry service. The factors taken into consideration for evaluation of the translators include: level, age, gender, education, professional background, major industry, service experience, personality trait, physical quality, team spirit, religious belief, previous evaluation and others. More detailed attention allows the client to comprehensively understand the translators, ensuring a solid foundation for cooperation.

Strict standards:

Lion’s translation process is the first in conformity with ISO9001, LISA QA Model 3.1, GB/T 19363.1-2003 and other domestic/international standards in the industry. The client can enjoy quality guaranteed in each and every part of our service.

Confidential system:

Strict and perfected confidential measures ensure the security of confidential technical information, thus eliminating any worries for the client.

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