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Technical documentation translation

The translation of technical documentation is not only related to the economic interests of the clients but can also affect the safety of the clients’ life and property. Therefore, Lion studies each and every professional word and sentence to elicit its meaning after repeated deliberation. Quality comes from the details. Let Lion help you consummate technical data and build a global client trust system to promote your enterprise’s development.


Financial statement translation

With more and more international cooperation between enterprises, demands for translating various statements and reports have also increased correspondingly. Translators with more than five years of financial related experiences and rich translation experiences are selected to translate while senior experts review and quality inspectors proofread articles over again so as to ensure the preciseness and accuracy of financial statements.


Product specification translation

Thanks to today’s economic globalization, international cooperation is constantly increasing, and so are the opportunities for the internationalization of products. Specifications are an important medium for transmitting information on certain products, reading material, film and television drama, scenic spot and various kinds of exhibitions and sales promotions. Lion boasts 30,000 professional translators from 50 various industries covering more than 130 languages, thus helping you improve product specification documents and build a global client trust system to promote the popularization of products.


Bidding documentation translation

Bidding document translation is an important part of the bidding process, and includes all kinds of legal offers and commitments as well as a comprehensive introduction to one’s own side. In order to win the trust and goodwill of the tenderer, you need to make the most rapid response to their requirements, and so the accuracy and speed of bidding document translation is of great importance. Lion helps you build successful bidding document translation with objective and accurate translation service.


Thesis translation

As international academic exchange increases, thesis translation has become a major demand for academic circles in recent years. Let Lion help you with thesis translation, while you concentrate on scientific research, no longer worrying about introducing you research results to the world or failing to obtain the latest information on scientific results.


Multilingual website building

As a window of information exchange and interaction at home and abroad, enterprise websites are a direct way to show the image of an enterprise to the world. Bilingualism of a website not only needs perfect translation services to satisfy the reading habits of overseas users but also the overall design, content arrangement and operation procedure of the website so as to improve the practicability of the website, meet the needs of overseas users and promote comprehensive international competitiveness.

In case of building an official website, Lion helps you increase public awareness of your city and boost the internationalization of your city.

In case of building an enterprise website, Lion helps you build up a globalized client trust system and facilitate the internal business/management/decision making processes.


Multimedia localization

As global economic integration is becoming increasingly prominent, the circulation of international commodity is becoming ever increasingly frequent; all kinds of videos and images need to be subtitled so as to explain, describe and introduce characters, images, exhibits or tourism landscape, or introduce and evaluate the story of characters, or describe the nature, feature, shape, origin, relation, function, etc. of an object. With the role supplementary to the vision brought into effect, clients are not only enabled to view the object and the image but also get a vivid description and explanation, thus being influenced and educated. With the role supplementary to the hearing, namely, visualized description, brought into effect, clients will be enabled to perceive the environment in the story, thus allowing the clients to become immersed in it, achieving an emotional resonance.

Subtitle translation not only requires to clearly convey the ideas but also do that vividly and appealingly. Therefore, Lion studies each and every word and sentence to elicit its meaning after repeated deliberation. Quality comes from the details. Let Lion help you improve subtitle translation and promote enterprise development.

Translators with more than five years of experiences in the field are employed to provide precise translations.



Along with the continuous in-depth development of international business, bilateral business negotiations, visits and investigations, small-scale consultations, press interviews, judicial or quasi-judicial procedures, banquet speeches, press conferences, and mini-symposiums etc. are becoming increasingly frequent. Lion provides quality and skilled interpreting services for you, allowing you to accomplish your task with ease and be free of any embarrassment due to language barriers.

As the exclusive translator for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games website, the translation service supplier of 16th Asian Games Guangzhou 2010 and World Expo 2010, Lion Translation has brought together over 2,000 senior interpreting experts from more than 130 countries and regions such as China, the US, Britain, Republic of Korea, Japan, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal. Lion boasts the world’s most advanced digital infrared simultaneous equipment and 2,000 infrared headphones to provide professional interpreting equipment rental services. It has provided interpreting service for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, 16th Asian Games Guangzhou 2010, World Expo 2010, multinational corporation forums and other important international conferences as well as the Fortune 500 meeting.

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